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Frequently Asked Question

How does TALY work? - It's really simple, create an account and start browsing a broad range of brands that offer SUBSCRIPTIONS to be purchased on a subscription basis. You will receive this product weekly/monthly/bi-monthly depending on your preference.
Can I send a subscription as a gift? + At the moment you can only send home-delivery subscriptions as a gift by changing the recipients address, however, we are currently working on our gifting section and will keep you updated on development!
How do I edit my subscriptions? + You can edit your subscription by simply clicking into the subscription in your account and make amendments to the frequency or package that you are subscribing to.
Can I pause my subscription? + At the moment there is no way to pause your subscription you simply just have to unsubscribe, we do hope that you will re-subscribe in the near future.
How do I cancel my subscription? + We will be sad to see you go, however, it is as easy as just a click. Our platform is hassle free and you can cancel anytime.
How often / when will I be billed for my subscription? + If you order a monthly subscription you will be billed for your purchase when you first place the order and then again 30 days after. If you order a weekly subscription you will be billed the day of purchase and then again 7 days later.
Who do I contact about delivery queries? + We are an independent company and are not involved with the delivery companies chosen by the retailer in question. Please contact us on our customer support ( regarding your delivery, we will pass this also on to the retailer you have subscribed to about your delivery queries.
I have a suggestion for subscription offerings, who do I send my suggestion to? + Sounds great, please send us all recommendations to the email and we will strongly consider your recommendation.
I would like to partner with TALY, who do I contact? + Great! We'd love to work with you. Just send us an email to with a brief description of your products, some info about your business and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
My question was not answered here, what do I do next? + No problem! You can contact us by email on We will get back to you as quickly as possible.